What is roadmapping?

Call it dynamic steering, transformation planning, or portfolio management, but whatever you call it, if you intend to be an organization the thrives well into the future, get to it!

In this episode of Let’s discuss, Nate and Tony talk about the many benefits of preparing a long term plan for your organization. One that looks across departments and systems to help you think about budgeting, staffing and technology needs for next year, 5 years and even 10 years down the road, so that your organization is not just surviving in a decade, but thriving.

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I’ll also put some highlights below the embed in this post.

Highlights from “Let’s Discuss…Roadmapping”


  • [01:40] -Defining roadmapping
  • [06:20] -An invaluable tool for budgeting
  • [10:00] – Where does roadmapping live in an organization?
  • [13:14] – What is the integrating force?  How do we get things rolling?
  • [20:15] – The role of the communications team
  • [26:20] – Being ready for opportunistic funding
  • [29:30] – A real-world example: the web rebuild
  • [35:00] -Don’t talk about tools, talk about value impact