How we do it

Website redesigns can ignite major organizational change

Our approach

Website redesigns are about more than just a new design look or implementing improved technology.

More often these projects, which are significant investments of time and money, are a major component of organizational change. Change is inevitable but never easy, even when we know it’s coming. Ensuring your efforts are successful depends not just on technical execution but stakeholder management and their adoption of a new system and process.

Mapping clear outcomes to strategic objectives

The most important way to remove any guesswork or assumptions is to align your effort with analytics from day 1. This will show clear return on investment through clear lines of desired outcomes mapped to strategic objectives. This also puts the project owner in a proactive position to own the messaging and conversations on performance. 

Use this time of transition to create a shared vision

While many groups will RFP and run a “discovery period” as an initial phase of a larger project, these phases rarely confront the hard questions early enough to generate actionable insights that guide implementation.

It is important to begin change management, technical planning and expectation setting early, independent from implementation. This allows time for difficult conversations, longer feedback loops and ultimate resolutions without the pressure of an active timeline focused on a site launch.

Create organizational buy in

PTKO provides an objective perspective that enables us to delve into conversations with your colleagues that are sometimes difficult to have as staff peers.

Working with us will also free you and your team to be active participants and primary stakeholders, rather than project leads trying to balance all the needs and desires from across the organization, including those for your team. Our efforts ensure that practical change management planning moves ideas into action.

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