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As nonprofits fulfill more of their missions through digital, data is more plentiful, yet increasingly underutilized.

Our experts can investigate your existing data infrastructure with your content and outreach strategies in mind. Our data diagnostic process will help you confirm the integrity of the data you are collecting and if it is not working right we will guide you on how to fix it.

We also combine other diagnostics to leave you with recommendations on how to gain insights from your data to increase engagement and affinity with your audiences. Understanding what resonates, increases conversion, and turns a passive audience into active participants in your mission via donations, volunteering, membership, and action alerts.

ParsonsTKO supports mission-driven organizations with the best advice on tools and strategies to amplify their efforts to change the world. If you want to explore what the diagnostic process would look like for your organization, we want to talk with you. To learn more about the process download our service overview.

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We understand the complexity, hesitancy, and anxiety around the volume of data and all the requests from your internal stakeholders. 

Book a time now, for a 20 minute chat with a data strategy leader from the PTKO team who can answer your high-level questions and help you hone in on your areas of greatest need in analytics.

Resources to explore

An Analytics Framework to Drive Stakeholder Engagement


The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) is a trade organization that represents the interests of over 900 not-for-profit electric cooperatives. Its leaders knew they needed to strengthen NRECA’s data and analytics to drive more strategic decision-making—particularly in terms of how they deploy digital communications to engage members and policy makers. Parsons TKO partnered with NRECA to create a custom Analytics Framework for the association, based on a rigorous assessment of digital strengths, opportunities and needs. 

We received a wave of new interest in 2020 and it happened overnight, an inflection point that brought us from around 250 individual donors to over 120K in the span of a few weeks. We were not set up for that influx and didn’t even know where to start. ParsonsTKO came in and gave us permission to press pause so that we could be intentional and strategic about what our new individual giving program meant to the organization. Now, we aren’t overwhelmed trying to do everything at once and have been able to implement the tracking and engagement structure that we need to bring our new donors into community with us. We’re already seeing high engagement levels and early renewals.

Headshot of Andi Ryder

Andi Ryder

Managing Director of Development, Advancement Project

A modern approach to tagging links

Your audience clicks on pages, forms, buttons and tweets. Can default Google Analytics capture those clicks? Nope. But our simple approach can.
Data Strategy

How to adopt a data driven business culture

Use a Data Strategy Subscription to catalyze change. No need to wait for “the big project” before landing “quick wins” that create momentum.