A PTKO Primer

Engagement Architecture Maturity

A simple way to assess your ability to promote donations, nurture relationships and realize returns on marketing investments

How can you quickly communicate the value of the complex components of your organization’s audience outreach operations & platform?

Engaging audiences online is complicated, and takes many things working in concert to succeed.  However it’s difficult to measure how well you are doing, and to communicate overall quality in a simple way.  Our framework helps everyone in your organization understand what “better is” and what it looks like when you get there.

This provides a simple, practical framework for auditing your outreach platform and operations.  This assessment easily and quickly describes the audience engagement outcomes you can drive today and what value is being left on the table.  With this model you’ll be able to not just benchmark yourself against peer organizations, but also answer that age-old question “What investments will let us create better outcomes?”

Quantify and transform long-standing frustrations and issues with your outreach into value statements and clear priorities for your organization address:

  • The percentage of your audience who are converting is static or decreasing
  • You are wasting time, resources, and reputational capital reaching out to the wrong audiences for the wrong things
  • You can’t use the advanced features of your engagement systems
  • You are failing to make a greater impact year over year
  • Vanity projects get funded or prioritized over foundational improvements
  • You feel like you are squandering your audience’s brand affinity and ability to increase reach or influence

A diagram showing the four stages of engagement architcture maturity

When you target everyone with one message, that message is only right for one person, while most others feel like it misses the mark
If you reach everyone with one message, most people get the wrong message for their stage of engagement with your organization.