Actionable insights

Data & Analytics Services


Auditing & Assessment

An efficient objective analysis of how well your data strategy is implemented intersected with an audit of your ability to collect essential data about the quality of your audience interactions.  These services point out areas ripe for improvement, what blind spots you have, and what changes to your data platform will let you generate real business insights and drive changes to your outreach

Analytics Health Check

How well configured is your analytics platform to report on your goals, conversions, and content operations in ways that let you make real business change

Web & Email Performance Snapshot

What’s working well, what’s not, and where is there friction on your website or within your newsletters and bulk email process?

SEO & Organic Traffic Audit

Is your website optimized to be found in search & deliver organic traffic?

Data Inventory

What are all the data points you have available for analysis, and what do you need to know about each data point to use it in reporting?


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Coaching & Capability Building

We offer capacity & capability coaching services that broaden access to analysis of data, develop more powerful and useful insights, and make data a useful partner in your decision making process.

Content Operations Goals & Success Workshop

What are you trying to achieve with your audiences, in what order, and what feedback about your audience engagement do you need?  Often analytics & outreach teams aren’t in sync about the goals, and thus the insights and suggest optimizations that data can provide are obscured. This workshop gets everyone on the same page with your priorities and goals.

Data Bootcamp

Want to add sophistication and make data part of your business culture? With a mix of presentation style talks, group exercises, and open conversation, we’ll educate your team on best practice principles around data and how to make real-time and “in meeting” analysis available and relevant to their own work and personal success.

Coaching & Change Management

New habits aren’t built in a day or by reading a report, so we offer weekly coaching sessions to your staff that both help them develop new habits and skills, but also let us model new behaviors within meetings and daily work.  This runs the gamut from hands on with data software and tools to communications theory.


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Enablement & Integration

Accelerate your data capabilities with additional expert data design and engineering capacity.  We help you unify data, integrate data sources, and unlock more sophisticated analysis & insight development quickly and reliably.  Deliver data dashboards, reports, and data quality automations, all without adding permanent headcount or additional staff.

Dashboard and Report Design & Development

Get consistent, automated reporting on metrics that matter with real time dashboards that are ready to review in minutes, or reports emailed to key stakeholders on schedule

Data Engineering Sprints

We provide the expert capacity to improve your data platform by connecting data sources, integrating systems, automating data transformations, and doing the dirty work that powers clean data.

Analytics Platform Configuration

Detailed and thorough setup of your various analytics systems. This includes setting up the filters, metrics, roles, permissions, object models, and other aspects of your data platforms so they work well for you and follow industry best practices.

GA3 & Universal Analytics Migrations

Let us support your selection and migration to your next data platform.  We will help you evaluate the pros and cons of each potential solution, estimate the level of effort and cost of the migration, and help you manage the changes required.  This includes not just the data and engineering, but also the retraining, expectation setting, and adoption support for your staff that a successful migration requires.


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