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Analyzing Communications Tactics in a Fast-Paced and Changing World

Resources for the ComNetworkDC Community

In response to our recent discussion on analytics, we’ve assembled a handful of resources to help you make smart decisions when things are moving fast or unexpected changes happen midstream.

On-Demand Webinar: How to Use Search Data to Improve Your Communications Strategy

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PTKO Primer: Audience Insights from Advanced Keyword Analysis

In this short primer (PDF), we’ve summarized our most important insights on mining Google search data, and data from the search function of your own website, to inform publishing and outreach decisions. Separately, this blog post from Stefan shows you how to tap into the wealth of data that Twitter offers.

Worth a Read

Check out these blog posts designed to support your journey to making more strategic use of data:

A vision for extraordinary change at your organization

When faced with the daily crush of responsibilities and addressing your organization’s most immediate needs, it is easy to lose sight of the potential of your work, and how each piece of your outreach portfolio can support one another. When you rush to get a solution in place, it becomes difficult to recognize the ways in which that same work could be leveraged to enable tremendous new capabilities for your organization. Read More…

Nonprofit COVID-19 Response: Insights from our mission-driven community

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing rapid and, at times, radical adaptation among mission-driven organizations. ParsonsTKO  ran a survey among our clients and the nonprofit community to gather more detailed insights into how organizations are impacted and responding, then combined these findings with our experience and advice. Read more…


How to build a data-driven culture: A case study from NRECA 

In a recent Stanford University survey, nonprofit leaders and staff said inadequate measurement of organizational performance is today’s top challenge facing their sector. It’s an issue we’re deeply familiar with in our respective roles as a nonprofit data consultant and a digital strategist at a trade association. While there are often technical barriers to better use of data, in our experience the bigger problem is a cultural one—the absence of widely held expectations that data should be guiding decision making across all levels of an organization. Read more…

Adaptable transformation starts with knowing the order of operations

My wife and I still live in a fixer-upper that we bought 11 years ago – and somehow it seems like we are “always fixing, never upping!” As it is with many first-time homebuyers, a lot of our early experiences with “pros” weren’t too positive. We didn’t really know how to shop for the services we needed, and hadn’t been in the neighborhood long enough to have the strong network we do now for advice. Read more…

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