A PTKO Primer

Audience Engagement Model

A simple way to assess your ability to promote donations, nurture relationships and realize returns on marketing investments

Increases the percentage of your audience that wants to give, volunteer, and advance your message

Engaging audiences online is complicated and takes many things working in concert to succeed.  To build relationships at scale you need to both understand your audience and have a practical and consistent process for engaging those audiences.  However most organizations haven’t defined their ideal contact model for their audiences, or configured their digital tools to support their engagement processes and workflow.  Our Ideal audience engagement model defines your audience in a useful way and identifies all the activities you need to perform to nurture relationships routinely.

This provides a simple, practical framework for increasing the percentage of your audience likely to convert on any given call to action.  It ensures that your software and systems, with a focus on your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), are configured to support and automate your relationship building.  Start getting your digital tools to work with you on relationship building, rather than just acting as a list of addresses.

This chart shows the expected impact of a CRM on audience engagement over time vs the reality
Many organizations invest in a CRM, but then don’t get the expected return on investment they were banking on

An ideal contact model contact card showing useful next steps, recent interactions, and interests of a contact
Your contact model is much more valuable for creating positive relationships when you shift the focus from listing demographic data towards relationship building.