An Engagement Architecture Maturity Model:

How to optimize your platform and increase value

Running your outreach can feel like treading water, working hard to keep engagement going, without being able to move forward in sophistication or optimize your tactics.

ParsonsTKO’s Engagement Architecture model is unique in that it considers the myriad of challenges you face in  reaching your audience prior to coming up with a unified solution.

Engagement Architecture is about seeing your systems and channels as a complete portfolio of your business, rather than individual units that require budget-draining expenditures on maintenance and support. It’s a blueprint for ensuring the platforms, people, and processes across your organization are all aligned to drive audience engagement. And it’s the interconnection of the tools and technology, the products and channels, the staff, and the audience, as well as, what moves that audience through the stages of engagement.


Resources to explore

Engagement Architecture

A visual model for audience interactions

Organizations often focus too much of their effort getting noticed and not enough building deep relationships with those they reach. So how do you improve audience interactions? Engagement Architecture!
Engagement Architecture

Could your organization be 2% better and what would that allow you to do?

We’re living in a time dubbed the “attention economy”. But what happens once you get someone’s attention? How do you get them to take action? And once they do, how can you create engagement and build affinity?
Audience Engagement

Your outreach strategy should no longer revolve around your website

Centuries ago, it was commonly accepted that the earth was the center of our universe. The heavens revolved around us. It was just that simple.  It was challenging to convince everyone that the earth, and all the other planets in our solar system, actually rotate around the sun. It went against everything we’d been taught
An Analytics Framework to Drive Stakeholder Engagement


The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) is a trade organization that represents the interests of over 900 not-for-profit electric cooperatives. Its leaders knew they needed to strengthen NRECA’s data and analytics to drive more strategic decision-making—particularly in terms of how they deploy digital communications to engage members and policy makers. Parsons TKO partnered with NRECA to create a custom Analytics Framework for the association, based on a rigorous assessment of digital strengths, opportunities and needs.