Virtual Event

Artifical Intelligence Ethics Roundtable

Hosted by AFP Golden Gate Chapter & ParsonsTKO

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Join ParsonsTKO and the Golden Gate AFP Chapter for a thought-provoking AI Ethics roundtable where we explore the critical topic of developing AI ethics policies within organizations. Engage in a dynamic discussion as we delve into the various approaches taken by different companies and individuals. Through sharing experiences and insights, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and considerations involved in formulating effective and responsible AI ethics policies. Whether you’re already implementing policies or contemplating your own, this roundtable offers a unique opportunity to collaborate and gain valuable perspectives from experts and peers in the field of AI ethics.

From this roundtable, attendees can expect to takeaway:

  1. Valuable insights into the wide range of approaches that organizations and individuals are adopting when it comes to AI ethics policies
  2. Real-world experiences and best practices from peers to anticipate potential hurdles as you craft effective, practical, and responsible policies for their own AI initiatives
  3. Collaborative learning and networking opportunities to connect with experts and peers in the AI ethics domain, fostering a supportive community that promotes ongoing learning through the sharing of knowledge

To create an intimate discussion, this roundtable is limited to the first 15 registrants. All subsequent registrants will be placed on the waitlist.


Stefan Byrd-Kreuger

Chief Analytics Officer, ParsonsTKO

Stefan Byrd-Krueger’s journey to professional nirvana began with his passion for the arts as a sculptural welder, developed through his university training in policy analysis and years of experience in grassroots education and advocacy among think tanks, then blossomed as he took his love of elegant design and organizational excellence into the private sector as a digital marketing consultant. This blend of creative process, recognition of the human element of organizational success, and love of the technical discipline defines his working style.   

Headshot of Robyn DoughtyRobyn Doughty

Director of Data Quality and Management, University of California

With almost 20 years of experience in public higher education, Robyn possesses a deep understanding of the issues and challenges unique to the field. The past 19 years she has focused her career in Advancement, making her well-versed in the business needs of university stakeholders and the data, systems, and processes that are critical to a successful fundraising enterprise. Using a “start-up” approach to solving business, organizational, and technical issues, Robyn is adept at developing strong, cross-functional teams, strategies, and services. Past successes include database conversions, business process improvements, and training programs that encompass the entirety of the Advancement organization.