Wouldn’t it be great if, when we asked a quick question, we got a quick answer?  

Our new video series, 1-Minute Consult, does just that.

In each 1-Minute Consult, an engagement architect from ParsonsTKO will answer one business question that’s commonly asked by our mission-driven clients. We’ve designed these videos to fit seamlessly into your busy workday, and to be easily shared with colleagues.

Our first 1-Minute Consult episodes focus on data strategy.  

ParsonsTKO’s Chief Analytics Officer, Stefan Byrd-Kreuger, answers:

  • Where do I start with data?
  • What is the value of data to a nonprofit? Why should I even bother with it?
  • What data should I be tracking on my website?
  • How do I get started building a dashboard to make reporting easier?
  • How do I budget for data?

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Upcoming episodes will tackle important questions related to outreach strategy, technology, and change management.

Look for new videos shared on our YouTube channel and LinkedIn on Monday and Wednesday each week.